What to expect

Maybe you see a new church and you are afraid we are either super weird or super small or both. Nah. Show up and find out that we have a crowd already and we are just normal folks like you. It is true that we are a brand new church started by people who are excited to make a difference in Ridgefield and beyond. We believe God led us to start this church and for that reason, we believe THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF AWESOME.

One of our core values is authenticity. We are not into anything that is not real. Come as you are. Dress however you want. Bring your kids and know that they are secure and being loved on by people who know what they are doing, many with education degrees. We don’t have every program or every bell or every whistle that some established churches have, but what we do have is REAL and we hope powerful. We won’t be the church for everyone, but if you haven’t found what you were looking for somewhere else, there is a pretty good chance we are it. Come as you are, but don’t be surprised if who you are, is changed.