• lead pastor – mark ford

    Pastor Mark started Go Church from scratch but he "wouldn't have got very far" without his wife Kristy or the rest of the team that formed around them. Our pastor is focused on Christ and His Church, but he is also well rounded and can be a blast to be around (as long as he has had plenty of coffee). Mark loves to hike and camp and drive his 4x4 into places where most vehicles can't go. If you talk to our pastor very long, you'll likely hear multiple quotes from the Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars and might be surprised by sudden hilarity (note previous qualification re: coffee). Mark loves to do just about anything outdoors as long as there can be coffee... and Mexican food... and no more than two days without a hot shower. All joking aside, Pastor Mark lives to passionately serve Jesus in the community and in the people of Go Church.


    Conner and his wife Caroline have been with Go Church since before the beginning of it’s launch. In 2018, they moved from Kansas City, Missouri when Conner believed he was being called to help plant Go Church. Now, they are living in Ridgefield with two beautiful children. Conner is passionate and convicted that the Pacific Northwest is thirsty for Worship and Discipleship that is founded in Biblical truth. While Conner leads both worship and discipleship ministries at Go Church, he firmly believes these two areas are largely interconnected. In his own words, “worship fuels discipleship and discipleship fuels worship. You cannot have one without the other.” In each area of ministry Conner’s heart and strategy aligns with the overall vision of Go Church in the categories of loving God and loving each other. In the interest of serving his church better, Conner is also pursuing a Master of Divinity degree.


    James was raised in a Christian home, but soon ventured off to do what he wanted with his life. In college, Jesus got a hold of him with a clear wake up call which led him down a path of growth until he was ready to lead student ministry. James is excited to be a part of what God is doing in Ridgefield by using his experience as a High School teacher to lead the students of Go Church to walk with Jesus. He has four wonderful daughters and spends every waking moment he can with them and his wonderful wife Jess.

  • Women's Ministry Director – Kristy Ford

    Kristy Ford was born in Kansas City and grew up in Blue Springs, Missouri. In high school, her long search for a trustworthy friend ended one night during a revival when she realized Jesus was not only the friend she had been looking for, but her Savior and Lord as well. She is a Christ-follower, pastor's wife, and church planter. God has blessed her with 2 wonderful, red-headed children who both serve in ministry, as well one daughter-in-love and a very adorable grandson and granddaughter! Kristy has a heart for women to find strength, encouragement, and comfort as they apply God's Word. She enjoys walking, singing, and dark chocolate.

  • Children’s Ministry Director – Jess Heberling

    Jessica was born and raised in the PNW in the town of Boring, Oregon, but her life has been anything but boring. She and James, her husband of almost seven years, have four daughters. Their favorite family activity is going on camping adventures. Jess loves coffee, fly fishing, and all things Christmas. She is excited to see the kids at Go Church spurred on to know the deep love of Jesus Christ, and loves how a safe, compassionate learning space is provided each Sunday morning for them.


    Randy is the Executive Director of the Northwest Baptist Convention and happens to live in Ridgefield. When Pastor Mark decided to plant a church near his home, Randy and wife Paula jumped on board. While Randy is often out of town preaching in other churches on Sundays, he is committed to helping support Go Church, leveraging his extensive experience to provide important input and leadership behind the scenes.

  • Bevan McWhirter – Pastor/ELDER

    Bevan brings a wealth of experience from his 41 years of Christian ministry in the Northwest, where he has served as a church planter, pastor, and church planting director/state missions director with the Northwest Baptist Convention. His hobbies include fishing, camping, hunting, and target shooting. He is a lover of Jesus and passionate about church planting. He has plugged into Go Church, serving in various capacities, along with his wife, Joyce, and they are excited to be a part of what God is doing in our church.